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 VW Action @ Santa Pod

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VW Action @ Santa Pod Empty
PostSubject: VW Action @ Santa Pod   VW Action @ Santa Pod EmptyThu 08 Jul 2010, 1:45 am

Vw action at santa pod, 3/4/5 sept 2010

Santa Pod Raceway, Wellingborough,
Northants. NN29 7XA


VW Action is the longest running VW Show in the UK, and has in one form or another been the true 'Jewel in the Crown' of UK VW events, from its early days at Stoneleigh, the NAS Stoneleigh shows, the period of its residency at Peterborough, at Herts County Showground, and now at Santa Pod. The last three years at 'The Pod' have produced quite exceptional shows, and 2010 will continue the great tradition of VW Action delivering the absolute best event for the true VW enthusiast. VW Action is a show to which people are happy to bring their young family members, and yet which provides full on entertainment for all of its visitors, whatever their age or interests. Every year Action has a theme, and this year, we are having an early Christmas. Yes, Saturday evening is the 2010 VW Action 'Christmas Party'. Snow machines, Jensen D Groover’s Dance and Indie Anthems, the Narni Shakers as Santa’s little helpers, as well as music and acts with a distinctly Christmassy theme. Brian and Brett will be hosting a 'Mods Vs Rockers' DJ Battle on Saturday evening, featuring Ska and Soul Vs Rock and Roll, with Rocker, Mod and Rude Boy costume changes between the 15 minute battle sets. Who wins? You decide - more will be revealed in the entertainment section of this website.

But more than anything else, VW Action is about the cars. Action is one of few shows which is truly about everything Volkswagen, and the event welcomes the arrival of every VAG vehicle with equal enthusiasm. Early and late Vans and Buses, ‘Old’ and New Beetles, Golfs, Polos, and every other representative of the water cooled range, street cars, show cars and race cars - VW Action really is the best place for a true VW enthusiast on the weekend of 3rd - 5th September 2010.

Every year we hear from people who have brought 'non VW enthusiast' friends as new visitors, who have been instantly converted to the cause. The fact that they are so readily accepted by everyone is testament to just how friendly and inclusive the VW community is. VW Action is as much about the friendliness and hospitality of other show-goers as the quality of the show itself. Last year we even saw a wedding blessed on the Santa Pod startline, which was subsequently shown in some detail on TV! VW Action can be a weekend camped amongst like-minded enthusiasts, sitting, chilling, and meeting new friends, or a fully involved, participative fun fest!

It is quite possibly unique amongst shows at Santa Pod, in that being almost entirely set out on the spectator side of the venue (see map), it meets the needs of those people who have no interest in drag racing just as well as it does the needs of the many VW enthusiasts who like nothing better than to watch the humble peoples car and it's derivatives storming the quarter mile faster than the fastest Detroit Iron. Or Italian Supercar. Ignore the dragstrip if that is not your thing, and you still have one of the very best weekends on the VW calendar anywhere. Traders, Clubs, Magazines and individual visitors have been full of praise for VW Action. If is not an event you usually visit, it really is worth giving the 2010 event a try.

VW Action has always been at the forefront of Show & Shine/Concours events. For many years Action has been a leader, not a follower. A few years ago, the show broke with the tradition of a class based structure, for one simple reason. Too many great cars were leaving without a trophy, especially in the most hotly contested classes. The 'Top Twenty' format at Action has now been taken up by many other shows, as it is the means by which the greatest numbers of the most worthy cars are rewarded with a trophy. This year, we have another major change to announce, with PRIZE MONEY being offered in all of Sunday’s air and water cooled classes. The Show & Shine Concours takes place on Sunday, with Saturday being reserved for the Everyday Vehicle Concours. None of the show car competitions at VW Action have an entry charge, so if your car attracts admiring glances, be sure to enter in the appropriate free Show & Shine competition - you could even leave better off than you arrived! And don’t forget, the kids are included too. Check out the Children’s Show & Shine info. If you haven’t built or customised your child’s Bike, radio flyer or whatever, there’s still time.

VW Action has over the last several years delivered some of the best Drag Racing action at any VW show, including VW night racing in the form of a repeat of the now legendary VW v V8 match-ups with the Outlaw Anglias and cars from the VWDRC, the most successful single make drag racing club in Europe. The dragstrip will once again host the BWA v USB (Buses With Attitude v Ultimate Street Bays) and a huge number of drag racing VWs from the UK and Europe. The first VW event at a UK Dragstrip, the 1987 Bug Jam featured just four 'demo' cars, to give VW enthusiasts some idea of what drag racing was all about, but VW Action 2010 features another awesome array of the very fastest cars the sport has to offer, including many VWs from across the UK and Europe. This has been made possible by the fact that VW Action is the week before the 'European Finals', and a number of cars have taken the opportunity to get some testing in before they race in earnest the following weekend. There will be Top Fuel cars capable of running the quarter-mile in less than 5 seconds and at speeds in excess of 300mph. You will also be able to check out the fastest 'doorslammers' around, and many other full-on V8 drag racers, testing for the next weekend. Throughout Saturday this year you will be able to test and tune your own car on the dragstrip, during the 'run what you brung' (RWYB) sessions, just remember to bring your driving licence. (There is an additional signing on fee to take part in this activity) Please note this is a change to the previous arrangement whereby the RWYB was on Sunday.

So, if you are visiting VW Action to show or race your car, to spend the weekend with fellow VW enthusiasts, to trade or buy parts, to party, or even all of the above, click on the buttons and check out the website to see pictures, video, and get more detailed information about elements of the show which is shaping up to be the best VW Action of modern times. Even better than last year! VW Action 2010 is at Santa Pod Raceway, from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th September.

Owners of Show Cars and/or Race Cars from mainland Europe should CONTACT US for details of travel assistance.


A few comments received about VW Action 2009

"It was great to reflect on how good the show was. VW Action at Santa Pod works - it's as simple as that." - Volksworld Magazine

"It certainly seems as though VW Action benefited from a move to Santa Pod Raceway in recent years, as the racing seems to be a popular and fast-growing new element to what had previously been a static event. It worked for us, and will be remembered as one of the best ’09 events." - Ultra VW Magazine

"The team behind this year's VW Action had every right to be happy. The 'new' home for the VW Action of today certainly works, with the added attraction of the world famous Santa Pod dragstrip, there's always something going on." - Volksworld Camper & Bus Magazine

"I've been going to Action for years at various locations & personally I think its better than ever at the Pod, one of the best shows of the year in my humble opinion!"

"I had a great weekend, I think the good thing about Action is that if you don't want to watch the Drag Racing you don't have to. Everything that was at the other venues is still at the Pod with the way they set out the arena, so it is like a static show that happens to have a drag strip next to it."

"Action was the first VW show I ever went to and I still enjoy going. This year I took my son and he loved his first camping trip. We are both looking forward to going next year."

"Next year I'll be happy to take my young children as I didn't see any bad behaviour, and the campsites were nice and quiet after midnight."

"The core Action stuff is still there. And the layout of the event is totally different to other events at the Pod. It's absolutely nothing like Bugjam or any other Pod show."

"I would like to complain as my face still hurts from all the laughing and smiling I did all weekend."

"The camping was well organised and peaceful at night. We spent a great weekend with good friends old and new. The food stalls were decent and not too expensive. The daily show and shines were full of cars I'd never seen before and well worth a wander round."

"My first time at Action, first time at the Pod and my son's first time at any VW event, we both had a great time, the racing was entertaining, the boy nearly s**t when the top fuel motors ran for the first time and he was blown away by Fireforce. We were planning our next show on the way home."

"This is one of my favourite shows of the year and this year was the best its been...I think this is a great chilled out show to take your family to as its not as manic as some of the others, so it gets nothing but good reviews from me."

"Overall, I took in about a third of the programme and have no idea how I'd manage to see it all in a weekend. I'll go back next year, that's for sure."

"Action is my fav show reminds me of the Bug Jams of old. There is a little bit of everything, we had a great time and will be there again next year for sure. First time our club did club camping, everybody was really helpful from the time we came through the gate, even up to the point we were set up, coming over and checking we were OK and asking if we had enough room."

"It was the best show i have attended in 20 years of going to shows."

"THANKYOU to everyone involved with the organising, set up, take down, running of it all and all that... TOP JOB as always!"

"Great weekend, end of!"

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VW Action @ Santa Pod
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